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Charlie Bravo Aviation can help with every aspect of an aircraft transaction, giving you greater peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your business.

Market Research

Our unique way of studying and analyzing the market defines everything else that we do as a company. Each sales and acquisitions person specializes in a particular line of aircraft, monitoring sales activity, trends and values. This gives us a competitive edge when it comes to finding, selling or valuating any kind of turbine aircraft.

Aircraft Sales

Combining both traditional and innovative marketing techniques with a vast network of industry connections, Charlie Bravo Aviation is recognized worldwide as a leader in marketing and selling pre-owned aircraft. Our thorough market research helps us set realistic ask prices and identify competitive aircraft offerings and their weaknesses.

Aircraft Acquisitions

With a mandate to call every aircraft owner in the world in their respective markets, Charlie  Bravo Analysts often know about off-market aircraft and true “take” prices for those on the market. Our market  research methodology helps us identify the best plane for your budget and mission before we handle all of the other  aspects of your aircraft acquisition.

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