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1997 Gulfstream IV-SP

Rolls Royce Corporate Care, Honeywell HAPP, MPP, CASP, APU MSP, Gulfstream CMP

Phenom 100E

Still under warranty, EEC and ESP Silver, belted lav, increased weight package

2006 Citation XLS

ESP Gold Flex, Honeywell Primus 1000 enhanced avionics

1990 Citation V

Zero-time engines, good cosmetics

1985 Falcon 50

New paint and soft goods Jan. 2018, Engine Assurance Program

2009 Citation Mustang

PowerAdvantage+, Part 135

2003 Beechjet 400A

ESP Gold, GoGo Inflight Pro WiFi

1998 Beechjet 400A

New leather seats, fresh paint, Part 135

1989 Citation V

Part 135, Freon air conditioning

1987 King Air 300

Garmin G1000 avionics package, Frakes exhaust, two-passenger divan

1986 Westwind I

Upgraded 3D engines, MSP Gold

1985 King Air 300

2020 ADS-B out compliancy, WiFi, Garmin 1000 Platinum panel modification

1981 Citation II

Belted lav, gross weight increase modification

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